Friday, June 19, 2009


A few weeks ago I started noticing this cat sitting by our back door, a lot.

Just before Memorial Day she started bringing her kittens to play on the patio, by the door.
They are very skittery and any human movement causes them to flee to safety, so all of the pictures I have are through the door and a few through the screen.About a week after we first saw them I started giving them food & water. Its way too hot to be inhospitable to our uninvited guests.

I call the one below Little Kitty, because when I first started feeding them he was tiny and the Momma and other kitten would push him away from the bowl when he tried to eat. The one above is Big Kitty.

After dark the kittens scratch at the door to come in, we are not that hospitable. I don't know if they will ever move on, now that we've fed them, they aren't quite big enough to jump to the top of the wall yet, so they will be here for a few more weeks.

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Jenny said...

SO so cute! Good for you for being compassionate... so many don't care for cats. Have you named anyone besides Big and Little yet?