Friday, February 26, 2010


I borrowed this from a post Tom put on Facebook.

An elderly couple walked into the lobby of the Mayo Clinic for a checkup and spotted a piano. They've been married for 62 years and he'll be 90 this year. Check out this impromptu performance. We are only as old as we feel, it's all attitude. Enjoy! They certainly do.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


After Lunch on Sunday we celebrated of February birthdays. We had 9 birthdays this month.

Kal'el turned 1, he didn't like the candle thing too much.
Jayden is 5
Kaela is 9
Amanda is 14
AJ is 17
Kari is 20
Cara is 23
Tom is 51
And Cindy
I made one of the cakes, a gluten Free Chocolate Cake, Hunter and Jordyn decorated it with sprinkles.

There was Cake & Ice Cream

And Presents
(this is just a small portion of the presents)
Tom & Rich
- the old guys enjoyed presents almost more than the kids did.
Kari, with her helpers
There were turns with Kari's giant Hula Hoop
It was a little too big for Jordyn.
Kendall made an attempt.
In the end, we were all tired and needed Naps as badly as Carson Did.

Jenn's Homecoming

Sunday, February 21 we attended Jenn's Homecoming talk at her Mom's Ward. She spoke about some of her experiences and the people she taught in the Rome Italy Mission.
I borrowed this picture from Facebook, for some odd reason I didn't get a picture at the luncheon.
After Sacrament Meeting we went to Aunt Karen's House for a luncheon.
Jonah was happy to be at his great grandma's house.
Kaela was happy to be there too.
Food was plentiful.

Lori & Kirt
Tom & Cara
And there was chatting all around

Uncle Max's Sister Jeanne
And of course plenty of pictures.



Sunday, February 21, 2010


Ida Mae Babbitt, president of the Omni 2nd ward Relief Society, didn't mean to become a spy. But when visiting teaching stats are low and she learns that one family under her care is in financial trouble, she'll do whatever it takes to make sure they have what they need. If that includes planting surveillance cameras in their home and watching them from a parked car in the woods, well, isn't that what any caring Relief Society president would do?

With the help of her counselors Arlette and Tansy, Ida Mae soon learns that there's more to the situation than meets the eye. It's all in a day's work for the Relief Society.

The book will be launched on March 16th up at the Gateway Barnes and Noble, and to count down the days, we're going to have a little fun!
First of all, there's an awesome prize. The winner of my contest will receive:

A bag of lavender-scented potpourri
A white lace doily
A copy of "Secret Sisters," autographed to them
A $25.00 gift certificate to
And ... and ...
The chance to read the sequel before anyone else on earth, except for my editor and critique group
How amazing is that??

What do you have to do to be entered?

1. If you have a Facebook account, click here and friend Ida Mae. Value: One point
2. If you have a Blogger account, go here and follow Ida Mae. Value: One point
3. If you have a Twitter account, follow Ida Mae @IdaMaeBabbitt. Value: One point
4. Go to my website and sign up for my newsletter. Value: Two points Note: If you have trouble getting on to the newsletter page, e-mail me at tristipinkston AT and I can add you on directly.
5. Send Ida Mae a question to be featured in her weekly "Ask Ida Mae" segment. She will answer any question from politics to religion to cooking. Reach her at Value: Two points
6. Blog, retweet, or post this contest on Facebook. Value: Two points each. Do all three - triple points.
7. Tell your friends about this awesome new series. Value: One point for each friend you tell.

Add up all your points and send them to me at You will receive one entry per point. The more things you do on the above list, the more chances you have to win! The winner will be drawn the night before the launch party, so set your sights on March 15th. If the winner happens to come to the launch party, I will bring the prize to the event, have my picture taken with you, and I'll post that picture on my blog and Facebook accounts.

Have fun!


Anyone that has lived in the dessert knows, in the summer  steering wheels can get extremely HOT!
I don't know about anyone else but I grab anything I can find to be able to steer until the car cools down enough to hold the steering wheel.
This year I decided to make Steering Wheel Hot Pads. They are made in any color combination and double thick yarn.
In honor of the coming of summer, I am going to give away a set to someone. Leave a comment with your favorite color combination and I will draw a winner randomly next Saturday.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Almost 2 weeks ago now I attended a Dream Dinners Party.
Dream Dinners is a company located throughout the USA that helps busy Moms with dinner.
They set up work stations and provide a recipe and all of the ingredients, measuring spoons, cups etc for you to put your meal together. The best part is that they clean up after you.
At the party we got to sample a couple of the recipes they have and they were really tasty. Then we each got to put together a chicken dish for 3 people.
I chose the Hawaiian Chicken and Jasmine Rice.

First you put the sauce together in a ziploc baggie.

Next you grab a Baggie of rice.

And a baggie of frozen chicken breasts.

Put them into a big Ziploc with the cooking instructions for later.
We had ours for Sunday Dinner the next day.

It was a quick, easy, yummy meal.
As good as the food was and as much as I love to have someone else clean the kitchen Dream Dinners isn't practical for a single person, but for a family, especially if Mom is going to be gone for an evening or a few days, it could work.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Announcing DEVIL'S FOOD CAKE by Josi Kilpack

Devil's Food Cake the, much anticipated, 3rd book in the Sadie Hoffmiller Culinary Mystery Series. is now in the stores.
From the Deseret Book Website:
It’s been years since author Thom Mortenson has been back to Garrison, Colorado. As part of the committee who invited the bestselling writer to speak at the library fundraising benefit, Sadie Hoffmiller wants everything to be perfect—right down to the homemade devil’s food cake she baked herself. Certainly, murder was not on the menu.
When Thom’s manager ends up dead on stage, Sadie jumps in to offer her guidance and expertise to investigators. But when the police refuse to take her seriously, Sadie has no choice but to pursue justice on her own. After all, is Sadie to blame if she keeps stumbling over information? Can Sadie turn her back when people intricately woven into the deception keep crossing her path? With her son, Shawn, at her side, her reputation on the line, and a full cast of suspicious characters, Sadie Hoffmiller is once again cooking her way through a case that offers far more questions than answers.
Paperback: 5½"x8", 320 pages