Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween



Hunter has been playing football this year.
His team made the playoffs.
They played their first game at Agua Fria High School, in Avondale, so I was able to go and watch the game.
Hunter is one of the smallest kids on the team, so he often is on the sidelines cheering his team on.
Jordyn is his cheerleader, but yesterday, she only wanted her Dad.
The Titans won 19-6. They only need to win 2 more games for the championship.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Tristi Pinkston has started this new feature on her blog. I am one of the bloggers she is featuring this week, so pop over to her blog and check it out.
Here is a little about Tristi:
Tristi Pinkston has been blogging since 2006. On her main blog, ( she covers everything from writing tips and the life of a published author to kid funnies, spiritual thoughts, and embarrassing moments. She also has a weight loss blog, one for writing challenges, another for her fictional characters … and she lost count of how many others she has. You can find the links for them on her sidebar.

Tristi is the author of five published novels and a whole kit ‘n caboodle of unpublished novels. Right now she’s focusing on cozy mysteries, although she has written historical fiction in the past and plans to write more in that genre. She works as a freelance editor, online writing instructor, and a virtual book tour coordinator. She loves taking long naps, being charmingly annoying, and watching good movies. She’s a Mormon, a homeschooler, a Cubmaster, and most of the time, a headless chicken.

I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Tristi yet, but I am hoping someday to meet her down here in Phoenix.
I recommend her books to anyone that likes to read, all of her books are available on

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Saturday I braved the crowds at Arrowhead Mall, to attend the Lego Store Grand Opening.
There were long lines, and because the store is very small no one could enter until someone left.
The boy (about 9 years old) who was behind me was very displeased about having to wait. He spent the whole time screaming, "If I don't get to go in RIGHT now, I AM GOING TO DIE! I just know everyone is going yo buy all the Legos before I can get in." I have to admit, even though I could have let his family go in front of me, I didn't. I decided to let him learn a little patience.
These are a few of the things I bought.
Out on the Mall there was a giant Woody made of Legos.
And they had a building event. Its lines were every bit as long.
There were trays of Legos that the kids could play with
or they could build a piece to go on the 8 foot tall Yoda that was being built.
It was a fun event, although I think It would have been more fun with Hunter.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Thursday evening Traci Hunter Abramson came to sign books at The Glendale Deseret Book Store.
It was a fun evening. Traci shared a lot about her books, writing, getting them approved by the CIA, and other fun things.
I recommend if you hear Traci Hunter Abramson is doing a book signing in your area go to it, you won't regret it.
This is Traci's latest book. It is the 8th. It is the 4th of the Saint Squad series. It has suspense, intrigue and a little romance.
    Visit Traci's website  HERE to learn more about her books.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


 This past Saturday I attended the Tolleson Ward Super Saturday. I signed up for 2 projects this year.
The first one were hair flowers.
We started out with all different size cloth flower pieces.
There were large ones.
medium, small and tiny ones, in all colors and patterns,
and of course some that were plain white.
We had large brads and clips for the large flowers,
and tiny and small brads and clips for the small flowers.
I made a large pink flower.
 and a small blue and pink flower.
 And a set of purple flowers
 The second project I did were hangers to put the flowers on.

It was a fun day, with a lot of time for visiting with people I have far too little time to talk to on a busy Sunday Morning.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


This afternoon Tom made Grilled Cheesecake Sandwiches for Dessert. You start out with a pound cake.
Cut it into sandwich slices.
Butter the slices (like you would if you were making a grilled cheese sandwich).
Slice a cheesecake into thin slices, (you might want to remove the crust from the cheesecake),
and put a piece on the cake that is grilling in the fry pan.
Grill on very low heat until the cake is well browned.
Sprinkle with a little powdered sugar and enjoy!
We used a plain cheesecake and powdered sugar tonight, but you could use any flavor that makes you happy, and also a fruit topping or chocolate sauce would be a great topping.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


This is a favorite Primary Song, made better by the beautiful Pictures.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Hunter turned 9 last week, but due to circumstances beyond our control we had to wait until Friday night to celebrate with him.
We called and had pizza delivered for dinner.
And of course there were presents.
The 4 volumes of the Jimmy Fincher Saga by James Dashner.
Baukagons and a gift card to Game Stop. What more could a 9 year old boy want.
Jordyn was excited to celebrate with her brother and she was even more excited for the Double Chocolate cake and Extreme Moosetracks Ice Cream.