Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Hunter

Yesterday was Hunter's 7th Birthday.He celebrated with a party at Empire Park in Queen Creek. In attendance were his family, Tom, Kathryn & Jordyn, Grandma Romney,Papa's Walker& Romney,Aunts Mary,Leanne,Belinda & Kolina,Uncle's Ed & Taylor, cousins Kalen & Amelia. He also had some school friends (all girls)and assorted parents.

The kids had plenty of room at the park to run and play.

Hunter & Jordyn & the Birthday cake

There was just enough breeze blowing that it was hard to light the candles and keep them burning until Hunter could blow them out.

Once the park lights came on Hunter was able to open his presents. He got a lot of fun stuff.

Hunter and his new set of Captain Underpants books

The kids opened a pinata,with Tom's help

Tom the pinata holder

They played Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Every player got the tail in the right place.

After Pin the Tale on the Donkey, the kids had a little more time to run and play, before the party ended.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Family History Friday

I decided to make Fridays, Family History Friday. Every week I will put a story from our family history here. They will probably be random and not necessarily from the same family line every time.
This story comes from a disc of family stories we were given at the Workman Reunion. I'm not familiar with Lucy Grice Workman but I think she is a sister in law to our Ella Rebecca.

Lucy Grice Workman
DUP Files

Birth date: 29 Feb 1840 Leamington, Warwick, England
Parents: William Grice and Jane Devenish
Pioneer: about 1854 or 1855; handcart
Spouse: James Thomas Workman
Marriage: 16 Jan 1864 Endowment House, Salt Lake City, Utah
Death: 22 Feb 1924 Parker, Fremont, Idaho
Children: Thomas William 13 Oct 1864
Josephine 26 Sep 1866
Jacob Lorenzo 08 Nov 1868
Alice Jane 24 Dec 1870
George Albert 01 Jul 1873
Joseph M. 10 Oct 1875
John Walter 09 Mar 1878
Lucy Caroline 24 Dec 1883

Lucy and her sister Margret were converted when they were 14 & 16 years of age in England. They then worked to make sails for ships so they could emigrate to America. They said that they prayed many times coming across the ocean. They traveled across the plains in long dresses, pushing a handcart with a few belongings and without their parents. Lucy worked for Jacob Lindsy Workman to pay back the Emigration Fund. Then married his son. They made their home in Farmington, Utah for 21 years, and to this union was born 8 children and one still-born, a girl.

At first they lived in a small dug-out. One day Lucy put the baby to sleep and ran to the store, just a short distance away, and when she came back there was a rattle snake on the dresser, the dresser was a box or two nailed together, and a curtain around it and she had a mirror leaning against the wall and the snake was bobbing around, trying to pick a fight with the snake in the glass.

They next moved from Farmington to the Snake-river valley in Idaho in 01 Jun 1885. They lived there for 22 years.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Sunday I went to my old ward the Ridgedale Ward. There were a lot of people that I knew and recognized, some that I had to ask their names.There were also a lot of people who remembered me. Sadly, some of my old friends have moved on to new locations, so I missed them.
I was able to visit the remodeled nursery room. It is so much nicer now than when I was there.
I was in the Nursery the whole time I was in that Ward, but I loved it there.

After church I went to Uncle David & Aunt Dolores' for dinner and games. We played Quibbler again, but this time I won.
It was a nice evening.

Saturday Dinner

Saturday after the reunion ended I went up to Uncle David & Aunt Dolores' home for a couple of hours. Chico remembered me excitedly, even after all the years I've been gone.


After a round of Quibbler, which I lost miserably,we went out to Golden Coral to meet Dave, David, Allie,Rheece & Riley. I was hoping to see Voyanne too but she was not able to come.

We ate, visited and enjoyed the adorable children.

Rheece & David

Dave & Riley

More pictures are at

It was a fun visit and the little boys are adorable,I wish they lived closer so I could see them more often.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Workman Family Reunion

The John & Lydia Bilyeu Workman Family reunion was held this weekend Sept 19 & 20 In Salt Lake City.

The Reunion Started with a Sealing Session, Friday Morning at 10 AM at the Salt Lake Temple.

We were able to do sealings for all of the names we had. I don't know the total number of people that were there, but it was enough to keep 2 rooms busy, and it was a neat way to meet relatives.

Before the session , in the dressing room, Beth Maynes walked by and said I looked familiar.She went through all the places she thought she might know me from,and I hadn't been to, or worked at any of the places she mentioned. She looked familiar to me too,but we decided it was just one of those things,until a few minutes later she walked into the sealing room I was in.

After the session we met down in the Cafeteria for breakfast/ lunch, and visited for a while.

I couldn't find my car in the parking lot when it was time go, I knew the Level and the section, but it wasn't there, and the aisle didn't look familiar. I knew it was at the top of a short dead end ramp. I was fortunate that a lady that was just getting ready to leave offered to drive me around til we found my car. I was very grateful, because I'm not sure I would have found it.

I was about an hour late Friday night, so I missed some of the evening meeting. I was there in time to see a great slide show/ virtual tour of places that were important to the Workman family,by Larry Streadbeck, and a presentation about the Old Fort by Janene Brown.

One piece of exciting information,I missed when it was first talked about is that the 2010 reunion will be held in Nauvoo,Ill.

There were Brownies and Milk for refreshment at the end and lots more time for visiting.

Saturday Morning started early, with a wonderful dutch oven breakfast at Jordan Park on 9th W & 10th S.

I was due there at 6:30 t0 help but somehow didn't get my phone set correctly and didn't wake up until 6 AM,that combined with my inability to drive straight to ANYWHERE, I was late. I felt bad, since I hate being late,especially when I agreed to help.

Breakfast was headed up by Mark Workman & consisted of ham, butter, hash browns, cheese, eggs, onions and mushrooms,cooked in a cast iron pot,with coals under it and on top of it. It was very good..

After breakfast everyone who wanted to played games, including a sack race.

Our next activity was a tour of some of the interesting Workman sites led by Mark Workman

We saw the lot (now Vacant) where John Workman's cabin was.

The Salt Lake City Cemetery to see John Workman's new headstone.

Then off to the Mormon Battalion monument on the state capital grounds.

Our next stop was the Brigham Young Cemetery Park.

Our last stop was First Encampment Park and the homes of Wilford Woodruff.

After we walked down to see Wilford Woodruff's homes, everyone was tired, so we decided to end the tour,and the reunion for another year.

I've put all of the reunion pictures in an album that you can see at:

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Friday was a busy day with reunion activities, more on those later, a trip to Zims, to check out their going out of Business sale and Dinner with members of the LDS Forever Friends Group.
We met at 6PM at the Macaroni Grill, for dinner. We had 22 people attend, which was great fun. Unfortunately, I had to leave early, to attend my family reunion. But I got to meet a lot of good people, and take a lot of fun pictures.

Bob & Teri Rodeman

Candace Salima & Vicki Firth

Michele Bell & Kathi Peterson

The other pictures from the dinner can be found at

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Worcester Ward Reunion

Tonight former members of the Worcester Ward got together at Sugarhouse Park for a reunion. What I hope will be the 1st of many. There wasn't a huge turnout, but it was a fun evening visiting with old friends, and meeting some new ones that were in Worcester after I left.

I didn't get a huge amount of pictures and a few I am leaving unlabled, because I will need some help with the names, and I don't want to get them wrong.

Trisha Anderson

Craig Kinney

Trisha Anderson &

??? & Missy Roberts

Delene & Jay Holbrook , , Dick Hopkins

Dick & Nelia Hopkins

We missed friends that didn't come and hope they will be able to come to the next one.

My Day

I was supposed to get together with Ellen Raye Brown, one of Dad's cousins this morning, but never heard back from her so I did other things.

My 1st stop was Sugarhouse Shopko. I used to work there so I always go back and visit. This time I only saw 1 person that was there when I was and that was in a later return visit.

Next I went to the Distribution Center to wander around and look at all the stuff they have. My goal for the day:

This is the new Nursery Manual. It is way cool. Check it out on

Other stops today included Seagull & Deseret Books, & Against The Grain-- a totally Gluten Free Store where I got a few treats for Dad.

The morning ended with a trip to Fazoli's for lunch.

I Made It

I left home at about 5:15 AM today and after a stop at QT for ice and a drink in my mug I was off. I always make a lot of stops when I drive to Salt Lake alone, I drink lots of liquid, but i always need to get out and walk around too.

My first stop was the rest area just before Wickenberg. That's my car, its not nearly that clean now. Before I go any farther, let me mention that I am one of many members of my family that are genetically incapable of going anywhere without having to turn around 1 or more times.

I drove through Wickenberg, and despite having gone that was many time's I missed the turn and ended up on the road to Quartzite. I wasn't on it long when I turned around and went back to the turn off.

My next stop Wikiup, for a quick break, before heading on to Kingman for a yummy breakfast at my favorite truck stop. Apparently my gift of making wrong turns was turned on to the highest level, because I turned the wrong direction in Kingman and ended up on the road to Hoover Dam. That was where I wanted to end up, after breakfast so I just kept going.

Since I didn't know what traffic was going to be like over Hoover Dam I decided to stop at the last place on the road.

I bought a 32 oz fountain drink and was charged $1.61. I guess when you are the last store on the road you can charge that much and get away with it.

Hoover Dam was amazingly easy to get across after the police check point.

The ramp to I-15 to Salt Lake City was closed so there was a moment of panic, but the detour signs were bright orange and easy to follow.

Other highlight, I finally , got my breakfast in Mesquite , NV

A nap at the rest area south of Beaver , UT

And finding out my car will go 100 mph without shaking.

I made it to Midvale just before 10PM ., and got checked into my room.

Tomorrow is the Worcester Ward Reunion. Watch for pictures.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm All Ready to Go.

My vacation officially started at 3 PM today when I got off work.
I left work, went to the Post Office to pick up our mail to Walgreen's to pick up a few last minute items and the gas station to fill the Altima. I paid $3.31 a gallon, I have a feeling I won't see that again until I get back.
I have pictures loaded into folders to take, some of Richard's & Tom's kids to show off to family and friends. Some of old friends from the Worcester Ward back to 1972. They brought back a lot of tender feelings and memories and made me just a little homesick for the good times we had in Worcester.
I am mostly packed and will be loading the car shortly, so I don't have much to do in the morning.
My wonderful Visiting Teacher Karen Wicke volunteered to take my place in Nursery. She visited for the 1st part of last weeks Nursery to meet the children and see what we do. Karen will have a great time in Nursery and the children will love having her there. I will miss being there, but I look forward to seeing friends in my old Ward in Salt Lake City.
It will be a busy weekend, And I am looking forward to seeing family and old friends. I will post pictures as each event happens, and I plan to take lots of pictures.
I hope to leave by 0 dark 30 in the morning, approximately the same time I leave for work in the mornings.
See you tomorrow night.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Special Poem for a Special Child

I was looking through a mountain of old pictures tonight and found this old Ann Landers column tucked in one of my picture boxes. I don't remember the date on it, I didn't cut that part out., but it is worth sharing.

"Dear Ann: My husband is John A. Massimilla pastor of the United Methodist Charge, Magnolia, Del. We have a severely retarded daughter.

A few years ago you printed a poem I wrote about such children. As a result, we received many letters from parents of retarded children, and have carried on a heartwarming correspondence with these parents-- hopefully giving them reassurance.

The poem, "Heaven's Very Special Child," was written purely through inspiration from a greater power. We would like to share these words once again with your readers. It can mean so much if parents learn to see their retarded child as a blessing and a special person. "

A meeting was held quite far from Earth!
Its time again for another birth.
Said the angels to the Lord above,
This Special Child will need much love.
His Progress may be very slow,
Accomplishment he may not show.
And he'll require extra care
From the folks he meets down there.
He may not run or laugh or play;
His thoughts may seem quite far away.
In many things he won't adapt
And he'll be known as handicapped.
So lets be careful where he's sent.
We want his life to be content.
Please, Lord, find the parents who
will do a special job for you.
They will not realize right away
The leading roll their asked to play.
But with the child sent from above
Comes stronger faith and richer love.
And soon they'll know the privilege given
In caring for their gift from Heaven.
Their precious charge so meek and mild
Is Heaven's Very Special Child
by Edna Massimilla

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Visiting Teaching

Last Sunday in church we had our annual Visiting Teaching Conference.
There were talks designed to teach and inspire us on the subject and they were very motivating.
It also got me thinking about my history with Visiting Teaching and Visiting Teachers.

My first experience came when I was about 8 years old. Mom had Basil cell carcinoma on her forehead and went into the hospital for a few days for surgery. Mom made up casseroles for dinner for each night she would be gone and gave me instructions on how to cook them, so dinner would be ready and the table set when Dad got home with the younger kids. The first afternoon I had just put the casserole in the oven when a knock came to the backdoor, and there stood Sister Blomberg and one of her daughters with dinner. We were only partly active and I had never heard of Visiting Teaching nor was I familiar with the habit of Mormons bringing meals in time of crisis. I wouldn't let them in and I wouldn't let them leave the meal, because I already had dinner in the oven and I didn't need their food. They had driven 45 minutes to get to our house. Fortunately Mom's best friend Dearle Kinney lived around the corner and Sister Blomberg went there and had her call me to tell me that it was OK and to save their food for the next day. That was the only meal I remember being brought to us during that hospital stay.

Another Visiting Teaching memory I have from Childhood were all day visiting teaching trips. During the summer Mom & her partner Dearle Kinney would pack all 8 of us kids 4 of us & 4 Kinneys into a van and off we would go Visiting Teaching. It was nearly an hour drive to get to their assigned sisters so it really was an all day event. Our job as the children was to stay out in the yard of each sister and play quietly with each other. At the end of the visits we would go to a mill store in the area and have a picnic lunch near the Old Mill Stream. After lunch while the other kids were playing my friend Gayle and I would be allowed to go into the Mill Store with our Mothers to look at fabric. It was there that Mom & Dearle would buy fabric for our school clothes, for quilts and for projects that the Relief Society sisters would do for our annual Bizarre & Rummage Sale.

Over the years I made many meal deliveries at my Mom's side. I loved meal deliveries, because it meant seeing a new baby or visiting people, it also meant that we got to eat whatever we had delivered because there was another identical meal at home.

My first Visiting Teaching Companion was my Mom. She taught me the ropes before I was given a new companion. At one time I was part of a Visiting Teaching Triangle. Because our Ward was large and there were limited Sisters in the outlying parts of the ward 3 sisters would get together and as long as they were all present they were all visited. my triangle included Nancy Gregory, Charlene Hiers and Myself. It was a fun experiment and it worked well for us.

I have not always been a visiting teacher, sometimes life and work schedules haven't allowed it, but I have always tried to be able to be one. My Mom was always a great example of what a good visiting teacher should be.

My current partner Emily Mather reminds me a lot of the kind of Visiting Teacher Mom was, I wish I could be so good at it.

Emily and I