Sunday, July 12, 2009


Its not often we have a family birthday party that puts everyone in danger of smoke inhalation.

We celebrated 4 birthdays all over 60 years old. Alicia made a new fake cake to use for candles, and it got well christened by wax.
Rich was the baby of the party, I borrowed this picture from Chanelle's blog. Mine didn't turn out, Rich is very fast at blowing out candles. Does that mean he's still full of hot air?
Next was Aunt Dolores, again, I was not standing in a place where I could get a good picture of her with the cake. Aunt Dolores is visiting from Utah, and her birthday is in October, but she won't be there then.
Uncle Max is older than Aunt Dolores by a few months so he was next. He had the added challenge of keeping his beard out of the flames.
Aunt Ella Mae is also visiting from Utah, so we celebrated her birthday. She was 82 in April. With the help of Caralie & Logan, she was able to blow out all of her candles.
As with all parties we had cake & ice cream

Uncle David enjoying chocolate cake

Chanelle & Caralie made these cute cupcakes (thanks again to Chanelle, I borrowed this picture from here too). I didn't get to taste the cupcakes, but I hear they were great.
I brought a chocolate cake, I ended up having to buy it, since the one I baked met with disaster.

Chad made friends with Lyndi, who usually only wants Mommy & Daddy.

Aunt Dolores got a big hug from Carson.

There was a lot of visiting, eating , talking and candle smoke, and it was as always a fun evening. We will repeat it all again next Saturday minus the children and the birthday candles.

click here for more pictures of the party

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