Saturday, May 8, 2010


Last May just about this time a stray cat moved into our backyard and left her 2 kittens with us. Little Kitten has hung pretty close to home, and will actually let me step outside and talk to her, as long as I have food in my hands.
Last week I was looking out into the back yard and along came Little Kitten (Now called Lil' Mama), with 4 new kittens for us. I tried to get pictures today while they were playing on the patio and eating . I got 2 of them.

This little guy had been laying in the bowl of food a few minutes earlier, guess that's one way to insure that the other kittens don't get in its way.
After 1 picture with the door closed and 1 with the door open, Lil' Mama decided to remind me she's still the boss, and chased her brood away.


Anita said...

That last picture is why I call her Panther.

Leanne Walker said...

That was me. I forgot I was logged into google as a client.