Thursday, June 30, 2011

Free Workshop: Creating an Illustrated Children's Book

Tuesday I attended a free workshop at A1 Book Fairs Warehouse that was put on by Writers Unite to Fight Cancer.
To invite a bookaholic like me to attend an event in a book warehouse, could have been dangerous, but I was strong. 
Our Host from A1 Book Fairs Warehouse.
Margaret Turley was the organizer of the event.
Deirdra did a presentation on illustrating, different types of illustrations that you might choose for your book, and choosing an artist.
Deirdra , Cecily Markland, Margaret Turley, Patti Hulet, Cindy R Williams. Deirdra, Patti & Cindy did presentations about how to create a children's book.
 After the presentation there were books and pictures to purchase.
Cindy Williams personalized her book Chase McKay Didn't Get up Today.
Deirdra had some of her prints available. To see some of her other prints go to
There was a good sized crowd in attendance.
Teresa Sneed (who's 1st book will be published soon)
And best of all, besides learning a lot about the process that goes into writing and illustrating a children's book, I got to spend time with my cousin's Chris & Deirdra.


Stephanie Abney said...

Great recap and nice photos, Mary!!!

Betsy Love said...

Where was the warehouse? This looks like a lot of fun!

Deirdra Eden-Coppel said...

I love this! And the posts are great! I AM SOOOO Happy You Came! It was great to see you!