Tuesday, July 19, 2011


After Logan’s baptism we gathered at Randy and Kim’s for lunch. I didn’t take any pictures of the food, but we had Yummy Barbecue Pork sandwiches, chips, potato salad & Cole slaw.
After lunch we had our summer birthday party. We haven’t had a party since Easter so we had 11 birthdays to celebrate. Rebecca & Staci weren’t able to make it this month.
Aiden turns 4 in July
Carson was 4 in May
Logan was 8 in June
Brigham was 23 in May
Andrea was 25 in May
Steve was 43 in May
Leanne was 48 in June
Rich will be 64 in July
Max was 73 in July
There were a lot of cards and presents.
Alicia made a small decorated cake for each of the birthday people.
The little ones were happy and had fun. There was a bouncy house in the back yard, that they filled with water.
Kaela and Randy
As usual there was much chatting and visiting among family members.
Chris & Kendall
Leanne & Rich
Lori, Brigham & Jennifer (Who really would have rather been home with a new baby, than available for a family party).
And of course napping is always in order.

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