Sunday, March 11, 2012


This morning we went out to Queen Creek for Caralie's Baptism.
Chad and Caralie
There was a nice program, Her Uncle Chris spoke on baptism, Grandfather Garth spoke on the Holy Ghost. She was Baptised and confirmed by her Dad.
Caralie (she was able to wear the same dress her Mom did for her baptism)
After the Baptism we went to Cindy and Rich's home for lunch.
Caralie got some presents. She was a good sport and posed for pictures with family members.
Caralie with Leanne and I
Uncle Chris and Caralie
Caralie with Kirt and Shari
Lori and Caralie
Caralie with Aunt Karen and Uncle Max
Caralie with her grandparents, Rich & Cindy, Laurie and Garth

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Caralie! I'm so proud of your decision. Good job!