Saturday, June 9, 2012


I worked 10 hour days for 2 days after Memorial Day so that I could leave work early on Thursday May 31. I got on the road north by 10 AM. With the later than normal start I planned to stop in Beaver, Ut for the night.The Super 8 in Beaver was my 1st stop for the trip. it was very comfortable,even though the TV choices were abysmal.
I left for Salt Lake City a little after 9 AM the next day and went up to Uncle David and Aunt Dolores's house.
We visited for a while and then went to Sizzler for a late lunch.
After lunch we went to the Deer Cemetery to see the deer and other critters.
After a couple of hours of playing Phase 10 and talking yo Justin in California,we went to Dave and Voyanne's to see them and to see David and his boys Rheece and Riley.We were also able to meet his fiance Marie. They are getting married today (June 9).
Marie holding Riley, David holding Rheece
 David, Rheece and Marie
 Dave and David
It was a fun evening visiting with Dave's family.

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