Tuesday, August 7, 2012


On Friday July 27 I left work at my normal time (1:30) and headed to Mesa. My ultimate goal was a book signing at Seagull Books, that didn't start until 5:30.My 1st stop of the afternoon was Sweet Cakes Cafe for a early dinner. It was recommended by a friend. They have amazing sandwiches on homemade bread, and decadent sweet treats. It was a little expensive, but worth every penny.
After I left Sweet Cakes, I went to the Mesa Public Library, where I found a relatively comfortable chair to read in. I immediately attracted the scrutiny of the security guard. Amazingly when a bunch of kids joined me talking overly loud and wrestling he was no where to be found. Never the less I enjoyed a couple of hours of reading.
The main event was a book signing featuring Betsy Brannon Green, best selling LDS author. I was able to hang out and visit with Betsy after the line died down. It was a very enjoyable evening.
Visit Betsy's Website to lear more about her books

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