Sunday, December 2, 2012


The Saturday after Thanksgiving we gathered again to celebrate November Birthdays. We had 5 of our 9 birthday people. 4 of Tom and Carla's kids had birthdays, but they didn't attend.
The gift table this month overflowed to the piano bench. 
Lyndi was anxious for all the Happy Birthdays to be sung, she had her eye on a chocolate cupcake. 
Trevor is 7
Jasmine is 18
Kelsey is 19
Jared is 23
Jake is 23
After the singing and eating of cupcakes or pie and ice cream we visited.
Took turns holding Baby Malie, who was a good sport about being passed around.
Some of the kids chose to play a few rounds of Pounce.
And watching the antics of our newest toddler Amelia.

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