Sunday, August 10, 2008

Beware of Where you Click

A few weeks ago I joined In an effort to reconnect with old friends, I decided to splurge and pay for a membership, instead of using the basic free service. And I have found a few old friends with the help of classmates.
One of the things that happens with a paid membership is you are offered really good shopping deals. When you click on the ads that come up, the trouble starts. I made the mistake of clicking on an ad that promised great shopping deals, I didn't buy anything I just looked.
Last week while I was balancing my checking account, I noticed a charge to somewhere called Shopping Discount for $19.95 from the previous day. In looking back I had 2 other similar charges under different names, back to shortly after I signed up for Classmates.
I called the phone number listed on the bank's entry for the 3 charges only to find out that ad I clicked on back in May signed me up for a 7 day trial, with the understanding that I would cancel in 7 days if I didn't want to use the service. I explained that I had never gotten an email or snail mail telling me I was part of this shopping plan or how to use it, and I would like all 3 months of charges credited. I was told no, we can only credit the most recent charge, but I can transfer you to my Supervisor. She told me the same thing and after I had a fullscale temper tantrum on the phone, I advised that I would be going to my Credit Union in the Morning to file Bank Fraud charges.
When I called in the Morning to make sure they had cancelled my account and my credit had been issued, I was informed that all 3 months had been credited.

So, beware of where you Click---- these people have 30 different names and will attach itself to many websites like & and will charge you an equal amount every month to what you paid to the legitimate website. If you see a charge you can't remember making don't wait call right away. Insist they cancel your membership and issue a credit, Watch your account, because unless you cancel your debit or credit card they may keep charging you anyway. They make their money by people not noticing what they are doing.


Cheri J. Crane said...

Thanks for the warning, Mary. =) And welcome to the world of blogging. ;)Your ties are wonderful. I can see I'll be ordering some in the future for gifts.

Candace E. Salima said...

My goodness, I had no idea. I'll be very careful in the future. Welcome to Blogland, Mary. It's exciting to see you here.