Thursday, August 28, 2008


This game is called "Take a picture of your food storage and share it for all the world to see."

Our food storage is all over the place so it is very hard to take pictures of but I have a few.

We have about 16 of these boxes and a few assorted cans and pouches stashed around the house.

2 boxes represent a 30 day supply of food for 1 person, minus liquids. So Leanne and I have about 8 months of food each.

Box 1 contains Wheat, quick oats, macaroni, and flour. We each have a hand wheat grinder to go with the cans of wheat.

Box 2 contains Rice, Pinto Beans, white sugar, cooking oil and salt. I'm hoping some day someone can teach me to cook Pinto Beans so that they have the taste and texture of Steak or Chicken, or any thing else not beans.

We have a long way to go and there are items like maintenance medications, contact lens solutions, toiletries and toilet paper to remember, not to mention water.

I got a new book this week it comes highly recommended by the people who have read and reviewed it, to help learn all the things we need to do to be prepared.

This book is available at for less than 10 dollar, a good investment in my opinion.

The challenge to you is post pictures of your food storage, show off what you have and maybe talk about what you still need.

I borrowed this idea from Becky Orton, a old friend from Massachusetts. She did it in response to a press Release earlier this month by Church Public Affairs.

SALT LAKE CITY 14 August 2008 Church Public Affairs is asking Church members to share their experiences with maintaining food storage by posting video, text or other content on personal blogs, video-sharing sites, social media sites, or other Internet sites. Members can then e-mail a link to their story to The Newsroom site may link to some of them in an upcoming Web package on the Church welfare program, but in any case the stories may be beneficial to others who read them on the Web. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has long encouraged its members to store extra food to provide for possible future needs caused by economic hardship, disasters or other emergencies. Encouraging individual members to be prepared is part of the Church's overall welfare plan.

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