Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008


We had our family Christmas Party on Christmas Eve.

It started with lots of good food.

and of course lots of pre-dinner munchies.

After dinner we gathered around the Christmas Tree.

We had the special privilege to have the Christmas story from Luke 2 read by Santa this year.

All of the children

from the youngest

to the oldest

sat on Santa's lap

Some were happier to be there

than others were

In the end

Everyone was happy with what Santa brought them.

After Santa finished and went on to his next stop the adults exchanged handmade gifts

and visited

For more pictures of Christmas Eve click on the title.


Jenny said...

Oh, what fun! And who's lovely house are you celebrating in?

Primarymary said...

This is my Aunt Karen's house. She was Mom's youngest sister. Most of our partys are at her house.