Friday, December 5, 2008


I made the mistake of opening YouTube video sent to me at my facebook email box last night. It was from an old friend and I didn't even hesitate to try and open it. I ignored the warning signs that all was not right when it insisted I update my FLASH, and YouTube has never done that.
I ended up with a nasty computer virus, which took all afternoon and into the late evening to dispose of. Have I ever mentioned how I love to reinstall all of the extra programs I have on my computer?
SO if you get an email from me on Facebook or privately
Just know this,
I DON'T want to see you naked,
I DON'T have any secret videos of you,
I DON'T have a crush on you,
(well maybe just a little) :)
And I DON'T use foul language.
If you get any emails or FB messages
containing these things...
DELETE them.

My apologies.
Really, I had no idea.
I've learned my lesson.
The hard way.

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