Sunday, January 25, 2009

Baby Shower

Yesterday Cindy and Klara threw a baby shower to welcome baby Calel. He is due in early February. In attendance was Mom Deirdra, Grandma Cindy, Aunt Celisse and a number of other family members and friends.

Aunt Celisse

Great Great Aunt Karen & Leanne

Stephanie & Karen

We started with a luncheon

and games
The 1st game we played was to take ribbon and guess how big around Deirdra is. Leanne won by a big margin. Then we played the Diaper game:

The object of the game was to take diapers filled with lumpy brown goo and smell them

to try and figure out what kind of candy bar was in each. Ora (on the left) won this game.The last game was a word scramble puzzle, Leanne won again.
After the games it was present time

Deirdra & Calel got some nice gifts to help him get started in life.

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Jenny said...

lumpy brown goo in diapers?