Friday, May 8, 2009

And The Winner Is......

OK so this wasn't really a contest with just 1 winner.
Thanks Courtney, Jenny, Mason and Amy Jo. Jenny that book title is really intriguing, I will have to look for it on
I will be making ties this weekend, and getting them mailed out, or delivered next week.
Check back in a couple of months for a new contest. I'm thinking the prize will be something crocheted once the Dr says I can crochet again.


Stephanie Abney said...

You're so cute, Mary. Actually, I came to your contest the first day but once I read the rules, I thought and thought what I could offer on a contest of my own and came up EMPTY... no published books... yet, no cute handmade anything... I was at such a loss for I could do, that I didn't enter. But I think it was fun that you tried one. Maybe by the next one I will have figured something out. Anyway, take care, my friend!!

Jenny said...

Yay! A very fun prize. The boys will all look so dapper!
Why can't you crochet?
(Do you need me to give the doctor what-for?)

Primarymary said...

Jenny, I am going to try and get the ties in the mail Thursday. I intended to do it tonight, but Joe Ence distracted me with an invite to a Worcester Ward Reunion at his house this summer.

My PCP told me not to crochet because of a big lump growing on my finger, I have started crocheting again, unless the specialist says to stop. I will know something Thursday I hope.