Tuesday, May 12, 2009


This letter was posted on America c2c click here to visit the site ,or click on the link on the side, and I think she makes some good points. It is more important than ever to get involved in fighting to preserve our country and our freedoms.

I don't understand everyone these days. Our country is on the verge of extinction thanks to the radical administration that was put into place by the American people. Elections have consequences and for the love of God, the consequences we are facing today is something we never could have imagined.
Over the last day I have been watching a thread from another site and cannot understand why conservatives are not becoming more united. When I sent a response back with an invitation to c2c, thinking that some were not happy where they had been working, the response I received took me by surprise. This person said that it was just another ning site. Well excuse me for being rude, but who cares!! I am not asking anyone to come over to c2c just to build membership, I am not asking people to come over here to show others my site has more members than yours, I am asking people to come over to FIGHT FOR FREEDOM!
We need to stop splintering off, stop whining and complaining amongst ourselves and start hitting the streets. 2010 is right around the corner and it is our opportunity to take back congress. This will be the election of our lifetime.I just don't understand what is going on with most conservatives. I have been observing on many sites and Americac2c, that people are just talking the talk but do not want to actually walk the walk.
Look at how organized the Liberals are. How many sites do they have? You probably can count them on one hand.
My point is that we need to stop preaching to the choir, stop fighting amongst ourselves and start working for a better future for our children. Where ever that home may be that you feel comfortable, start helping in the fight, not by mere words, but by action.just take a minute and think WHY so many conservatives have created so many sites and WHY we are so passionate about OUR cause.
This is our country and it is being stolen right out from under us. Do our children deserve this, do our brave men and women fighting in the middle east deserve this?
NO!I am asking you all to really think long and hard how you can make a difference in your community and how you can change the direction of this country, and then do it!!

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