Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kaitlyn Glenn is alone in the world. Disowned by family after her baptism, her only friend is the beloved horse she rides as a champion barrel racer. But loneliness is the least of Kaitlyn’s problems. Her competitor’s jealous father has vowed to sabotage her success. And her former boss—the handsome, rich, and extremely dangerous Jace Landry—stalks every move of this beautiful and talented cowgirl.

Aided by a mysterious man in a black cowboy hat, Kaitlyn escapes Jace’s iron grip and flees. On the road, she finds protection and companionship with a loyal trucker named Celia. But when Jace puts seedy private investigator Myler Keegan on Kaitlyn’s trail, she must outrun two men who will stop at nothing to feed their violent obsession. And when her cruel stepbrother joins the hunt, Kaitlyn faces lethal danger from every angle.
With deft skill, master of suspense Clair Poulson serves up nonstop action that pulls readers into Kaitlyn’s pulse-pounding race to freedom—and love.
Clair Poulson retired after 20 years in law enforcement. Jobs have included Utah Highway Patrol Duchesne County sheriff.
This is his 16th published novel. Most of his novels are crime drama/suspense type. He has been compared to John Grisham in his style.
Clair Poulson draws the inspiration for his books from his time in Law enforcement and the court system.
Dead Wrong is very suspenseful, Kaitlyn has more enemies than even she knows about. During the book we follow her around the intermountain west, from Cheyenne, WY to Logan, UT, to Boise, ID and other stops, always 1 step ahead of the bad guys. She is helped in her attempt to stay alive by a mysterious man in a black cowboy hat, a truck driver and a very insightful 9 year old girl.
If you are into suspense, and crime drama I would recommend that you read Clair Poulson.
This book is available in all the usual places,Desert Book, Seagull book, amazon.com and inter library loan.
Clair Poulson doesn't have a web site, but you can find some of his books on amazon.com.

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