Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lunch with GG Vandagriff Part 2

Friday afternoon some of the members of the AZ LDS forever friends group got together for lunch with GG Vandagriff at the Paradise Bakery.

We had 6 group members there and missed the ones who couldn't join us.
left Joyce Di Pastena, GG Vandariff, Marjean
Left Deirdra,Kal'el, Chris, Marjean
Kal'el & Deirdra
We had 3 authors with us and it was an interesting lunch, listening to then talk about how they write and what makes them tick. Usually when I pick a book to read I don't stop and think what goes into creating it, so it was very enlightening.
Left Kal'el, Chris, Mary, GG, Marjean, Joyce, Deirdra
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