Thursday, February 11, 2010


Almost 2 weeks ago now I attended a Dream Dinners Party.
Dream Dinners is a company located throughout the USA that helps busy Moms with dinner.
They set up work stations and provide a recipe and all of the ingredients, measuring spoons, cups etc for you to put your meal together. The best part is that they clean up after you.
At the party we got to sample a couple of the recipes they have and they were really tasty. Then we each got to put together a chicken dish for 3 people.
I chose the Hawaiian Chicken and Jasmine Rice.

First you put the sauce together in a ziploc baggie.

Next you grab a Baggie of rice.

And a baggie of frozen chicken breasts.

Put them into a big Ziploc with the cooking instructions for later.
We had ours for Sunday Dinner the next day.

It was a quick, easy, yummy meal.
As good as the food was and as much as I love to have someone else clean the kitchen Dream Dinners isn't practical for a single person, but for a family, especially if Mom is going to be gone for an evening or a few days, it could work.

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