Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Last June I posted about some kittens that were born in our back yard and then abandoned by their mother. CHECK THE ORIGINAL POST .
Little Kitty in June
Big Kitty in June
During the year I have been feeding them and they have lived in the backyard/jungle. The 2 gray kittens have been joined by a blonde friend. The one we called big kitty is still skittish around human people, but little kitty is not as nervous and even let me take these pictures today.

He has been dubbed the Panther. He is more of a home body, choosing to sleep on the tool stand on the patio in the afternoon, and staring at me through the window if I fail to put food out in a timely manner.
Big Kitty and the Blonde aren't around as much and would never allow a picture if they were. We now call big kitty, the Lion and the blonde is the Cougar.

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