Sunday, April 4, 2010


Each year we celebrate Easter with our extended family at Aunt Karen's home.
This year because it is also conference weekend those of us who live long distances gathered to watch the Saturday afternoon session of General Conference.
Our Easter dinner traditionally consists of Ham, cheesy potatoes, salads, and rolls. It was particularly good this year.
After lunch the children were shooed into the house so the parents could go hide Easter Eggs.
Anywhere is fair game for hiding eggs.

They were on the ground in the open for our very young hunters, and well hidden and up high for the older hunters.

Jonah was our youngest hunter this year, he didn't care what was inside, but they were pretty to look at.

Lyndi took a break to check out her basket.

Some of the eggs had confetti in them.

Every single grandchild has a name egg to find, these are our egg hunters for 2010.


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