Saturday, April 17, 2010


Since joining Facebook a couple of years ago and reconnecting with friends from Northborough I have been thinking about some of my favorite places and activities. The more I thought, the longer the list got.
This is Peaslee Elementary School, called Maple St School when I started there. I spent my 1st 6 years in school right here.
I spent my last 4 years right here at Algonquin.
I always looked forward to the Saturday that Mom and Dad would announce we were going to Spags. There was always so much to see and it wasn't like going to Bradlees where everything was organized and predictable. You never knew what would be there or where you would find it. I was sad to learn that Spags has shut its doors.
Wednesday evnings after Primary we would come home and Dad would have pizza from Westboro House of Pizza waiting for us. I remember that because they offered 1 free pizza if you bought 5 we could each have our favorite kind.
We would go to Kimball's Ice Cream in Littleton, MA once or twice every summer for ice cream. The lines were always outrageously long, but it was worth the wait.
Is there anything better than a fresh Boston Cream Donut?
This was a great place to meet and hang out. Sometimes on the way home from a stake activity Brother Kinney and President Bates would stop and treat their passengers to ice cream.
The Northborough Memorial Day parade was a tradition. I marched in it a few times with the Girl Scouts.
It wasn't much if you compare it to a big city parade, but it was ours and no one ever complained.
I borrowed this picture from the I Grew Up in Northborough page on Facebook.
Other Memories that have no pictures are the chicken farm. It announced spring to our neighborhood, when they fertilized the fields.
The smell of candles in the air after the candle factory burned down.
I could probably go on. What are your favorite Massachusetts Memories??


ChefTom said...

Dairy Hut
Frank the Barber
O'Briens 5 & 10
Sweetlife Foods
Solomon Pond
Chauncy Pond
White Cliffs
Hot Dog Annies
Worcester Center
WAAF Radio
Hampton Beach
Cape Cod
Bar Harbor
White House Donuts

Although many on this list are not in Northborough, when I think of the New England years they are as much a part of my life as Assebet Park, Shattucks and Loews store.

Jenny said...

LOVE this post!
(AND, I love that I'm still *partly* living the dream)
Sadly, O'Briens burned down, too.
WAAF is still rockin' the airwaves and Diary Hut, where I got my first job is still there, altho' going by a different name.
I heart Cape Cod and many of the other things you and Tom mentioned.

ChefTom said...

O'Briens burns down every 20 years, it is easier than cleaning the store room.

Leanne Walker said...

OBrien's was a classic - especially when it was downtown, before the first fire.
Shattuck's Pharmacy - when it was in the town hall and had a soda fountain. It moved when I was about 6 and we know that the town hall is nothing more than a memory.
Sawyer's Bowladrome
The silly flashing stop light in the center of town and the lions that marked where the bus used to stop.
The wading pool at Assebet Park - and the merry-go-round.

The Memorial Day Parade was classic small town New England, especially marching to every war memorial in town for a poem and a prayer, but Mary, the high school marching band did complain and members sometimes fainted. Of course, we had marched in Southboro's parade that morning too, so we were all hot and tired.