Saturday, June 5, 2010

Leanne's Birthday

Today is Leanne's birthday, so we had a birthday dinner at Dad's house.
We played Uno Attack for a while and then everyone went to play tennis on the Wii, while I went to the store to get the rest of the food we needed for dinner.
When I got back all of the adults were napping.
Jordyn took this picture.
Jordyn has been anxious to learn to crochet, so I brought pink yarn and a purple hook for her. She will need to be a little older before she masters it.
Jordyn & her stuffed friend of the week.
Sometimes when the kids come to visit I let them take pictures. Here are some of their best shots.
Dinner was steak with blue cheese crumbles sauteed onions &  mushrooms, sweet potato fries and, of course, chocolate cake. Sorry no pictures.
Hunter loves his chocolate cake.

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Jenny said...

LOVING those shots!
Dinner sounds divine.
Happy Birthday Leanne!!