Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Friday Morning Danny's mother brought him up to Uncle David's house, to visit with his Gramma Lori (And the rest of us too)
He has grown and changed so much since we saw him in December.
He loved the remote control truck his great grandma sent up to him.
and stories read by his grandma.
And Chicken Nuggets and french fries from Wendys.
After lunch we got ready to go to a cemetery in SLC where there are a lot of deer and other wildlife.
Gramma Lori was taking too long to get ready so Danny headed down the stairs by himself. He told me "I can do it myself."
I didn't get any pictures of him going down, I was poised to grab his overall straps if he started to fall.
At the cemetery we were lucky enough to see a lot of deer, some up close.
We had to wait quite a while for him to be picked up after we were finished. It was after nap time so he enjoyed some snuggle time with Aunt Dolores.
It was a fun morning.

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