Sunday, October 24, 2010


Saturday I braved the crowds at Arrowhead Mall, to attend the Lego Store Grand Opening.
There were long lines, and because the store is very small no one could enter until someone left.
The boy (about 9 years old) who was behind me was very displeased about having to wait. He spent the whole time screaming, "If I don't get to go in RIGHT now, I AM GOING TO DIE! I just know everyone is going yo buy all the Legos before I can get in." I have to admit, even though I could have let his family go in front of me, I didn't. I decided to let him learn a little patience.
These are a few of the things I bought.
Out on the Mall there was a giant Woody made of Legos.
And they had a building event. Its lines were every bit as long.
There were trays of Legos that the kids could play with
or they could build a piece to go on the 8 foot tall Yoda that was being built.
It was a fun event, although I think It would have been more fun with Hunter.

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