Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Friday Night (Christmas Eve) we had our annual Christmas Party at Aunt Karen's house. We had a Ham dinner and then the fun began.
After a few of the kids showed their talents , Santa came.
We had the privilege of listening to Santa read the Christmas Story from Luke 2, before the children were called up 1 at a time to sit on his lap.
Jonah was less than thrilled at being on Santa's lap, but he liked his gift and Santa Bag.
Kal'el was having none of it.
Lyndi was Santa's best friend this year, she followed him all over.
Jordyn likes sitting on Santa's lap.
Hunter got scolded for tattling on his sister, but he still got his gift.
AJ still gets to sit on Santa's Lap.
Whisper is our newest family member, this was her 1st family party.
This is a rare good picture of Darrin, usually he moves so fast I get a lot of blur.
This was Kari's last time to sit on Santa's lap. She will be married before next Christmas.
Jenn & Brigham sat on Santa's lap in behalf of Baby Bunker, who will arrive before next Christmas.
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