Thursday, December 30, 2010


One of the traditions we have on Christmas Eve is exchanging homemade gifts with our extended family members.
Usually after Santa leaves the gift delivering free for all starts. This year Aunt Karen came up with an idea that was pure genius. She made boxes for each family group, so that we could put our gifts in the boxes when we arrived.
It made for a calmer more sane evening.
Each year I look forward to seeing what everyone came up with to make for Christmas.
I made the Wise Men for the Nativity Scenes I've been building for 3 years. These are the last 3 pieces of the set.
Cindy made a mix in a jar with these cute animals around them.
Chanelle made Hot Chocolate on a stick.
Lori made Christmas Ornaments.

Deirdra made bread and her & Kim both made Jam.
There were many other fun gifts not pictured.
THANK-YOU EVERYONE for the gifts!

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Jenny said...

I'm a BIG fan of home made!
What a great tradition.