Saturday, January 1, 2011


Every year we start our New Years Eve celebration by celebrating December Birthdays. This year 3 of the 7 Birthday people were there.
Tyler will be 15 on Jan 3, so we usually include him in December's birthday's.
Due to a lack of candles Chris got to be 30 again.
I also got to be 30 again, but I didn't have anyone take a picture on my camera.
Pam & Jason were not able to join us for the party.
We had birthday cake and presents.
This is a print of a painting done by Deirdra. I am exited to find the perfect place to put this. You can see more of her art work at .
And there were gift cards and munchies, which are both favorites.


Jenny said...

Happy December Birthday!

Revelation Painter said...

I'm happy you liked your gift!!!