Monday, January 3, 2011


After the birthday party was over we moved into New Years Eve Party Mode.
We snacked and talked.
Discussed the fun things our Droid phones could do. Yes, we EVEN scanned the bar code on a box of candy canes. Sadly, the price for the box we had came up as $59.95. Do we know how to party or what?
There were kids of all sizes.
Mikayla- almost 2
Kaela & Amanda
Clint and his new wife Tricia were here from Georgia for a visit. This was Tricia's first time meeting the family.
Some partiers played Pounce and Egyptian War.
Some visited.
At Midnight we had Martinelli's sparkling cider and fireworks.

Kyle decided to make his own unique firework using a sparkler, sparkler shavings 2 pop bottle caps and a lot of tape. It was too cold to go back outside to see what it did.

Our special guest of the night was buddy the very friendly and possibly child eating dog.


Jenny said...

Too cold to go back out?!?
Surely you haven't forgotten your New England roots!!

Jenny said...

Happy 2011!