Monday, November 28, 2011


I left Massachusetts in August 1986 and haven't been back since Christmas of that year. I haven't been on a plane in 10 years, so this day was an adventure.
I left early for the airport, a habit I got from my Dad. It was a good thing since I-10 was closed at 59th Ave. I got there in plenty of time.
Security wasn't as bad as I imagined, and being early in the Morning, it wasn't too busy. 
Sky Harbor International Airport
The flight to Chicago was bumpy, I'm pretty sure the pilot hit every pothole in the sky.
We got into O'hare 1/2 hour early, which was good. I had to go from the far end of one concourse to the far end of another.
O'Hare International airport.
There were still a lot of potholes to hit out of Chicago, but it was a short flight. I found out later that one of my former classmates was on the same flight.
Logan International Airport
Friday driving down the Mass Pike I remembered just how much I truly dislike that toll road.
After I checked into my motel I went out to check things out. It was dark, and everything looked different, but after some trial and error I found where I was going.
I visited Wegmans, because I had heard it was wonderful. It was just like any other grocery store, except bigger.
Next stop Dean Park Pizza, I used to love their pizza, I don't remember why now.
I drove back to the motel via South St. It was really too dark to see much, but there was a feeling of home.
I got back to the Red Roof Inn hoping that day light would make things look more familiar.


Jenny said...

how long are you in town?
is Brigham Street on your list of places to visit?

Primarymary said...

I'm back home. I really tried to get over to see your parents, and just ran out of time. I needed another week to see everyone I wanted to see.