Monday, February 27, 2012


Aunt Ella Mae was born 9 April, 1929 in Mountain View, Wyoming. She died 21 Feb 2012 in Logan, UT.
Today family and friends gathered in Smithfield, Ut to celebrate her life.
After the viewing there was a Memorial Service, which featured her life history by Aunt Karen, Memories by her friend Belva, and musical numbers including one by Lori and Shari.
The next stop was the Smithfield Cemetary.
After the Pall Bearers moved the casket to the grave site they removed their Boutaneers and put them on the casket.
We visited in the cemetery for a few minutes, but it was too cold to stay long.
The Relief Society prepared a wonderful meal for family members. It was good to have time to visit with family we don't see very often.
Here are a few pictures taken of family members:
Aunt Ella Mae's remaining siblings, David, Eldon, and Karen
Dorothy (Bullock) Jones & Uncle Eldon
Joyce and Aunt Margaret
Cousins--Back: Lynn, Dave, Shari, Lori, Dorothy, Dee, Laurel
                Front: Joyce, Me, Cindy
Uncle Max & Frisko
Lori & Shari
Uncle Max
Aunt Ella Mae didn't live an easy life, but she didn't complain, we know she is having a happy reunion with all those that went before her.

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