Thursday, February 16, 2012


I love America, I love the constitution but I don't have much love for or interest in politics most of the time. This year I have decided to get involved. Its clear to me as it is to so many Americans that we need change in Washington. After listening to the candidates, outlining what character traits are important and defining what issues are most important to me I decided Mitt Romney was the best Man for the job. I was excited when I found out last week that Mitt Romney was coming to Mesa for a rally. I went right after work to wait for the doors to open. There were many others there as well. We talked, we bonded, I don't know the name of a single one of them, but we met with common goals and interests and it made the long wait tolerable.
An hour before the rally started security was ready and the doors finally opened. We were treated with music from a live band while everyone got settled.
A little after the appointed starting time we learned the Romney bus was stuck in rush hour traffic.
He finally arrived and it was well worth the wait.
We were treated to a speech of hope that things will get better when Mitt is the President. He has a clear plan, he has the experience to fix the economy, to save Medicare and Social Security and he deeply loves his wife and children as well as our country.
At the end of the speech Mitt went into the crowd to shake hands. The Secret Service didn't look happy at the move.
All in all it was a great evening.
After the Rally Leanne and I met up with Lori & Tom ,Brianna, Elijah and Kyle at Denny's for a quick meal and to discuss the speech.