Sunday, July 8, 2012


It was a sad day when our church building was set on fire. It was a historical building and held a lot of good memories. I attended church there for almost 10 years.One of the things I was saddest to loose was Mr Turtle. He has been a part of the Nursery longer than I have.
One of my favorite memories with Mr Turtle happened about 5 years ago, when 3 year old Adam patiently pulled the turtle around the room every week during playtime,to entertain a little friend, who had limited abilities. Adam would endlessly pull the turtle and the other little guy would crawl/hop after it and laugh.
I found a new turtle, he attended nursery today, he had fun with the kids.
This what the building looked like late in the day of the fire.
The building is a total loss, it will eventually be replaced with a new modern building. The memories live in our hearts and minds. The gospel is still true and we will grow stronger from this.  The Tolleson Ward will go on in our temporary home.

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Jenny said...

rip little turtle.