Sunday, July 22, 2012


Saturday afternoon I went to Latter Day Cottage bookstore for a big multi author book signing. There were 4 authors 3 from Arizona and a local artist.
Virgil Alexander, author of the Wham Curse
Carolyn Adams Hanchett author of The Blog.
Tom Scott author of It's True, An Evangelical Pastor's Journey To Truth In The Mormon Church.
MarJean, Betsy Love author of Soulfire, Me and Stephanie
Cecily Markland,
Tom Scott's publisher at Inglestone Publishing.
It was a fun afternoon, meeting new authors and seeing old friends.

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Theresa Small Sneed said...

I love your blog Mary and now that I'm thousands of miles away from you and my dear author friends in AZ, I soooo appreciate seeing these pictures! Thank You!!! You do an invaluable service to us authors and we love you!!!!