Monday, October 8, 2012


As we were coming down the mountain out of Flagstaff I got a phone call from the insurance adjuster telling me that they had decided to total my car. It wasn't a shock,but I had been holding out hope that they would repair it. As soon as I got home I fired up the computer and started looking at what the local Nissan Dealership had available. I narrowed it down to a new Altima or a Cube.
Wednesday, I finished up the insurance paperwork, found out what I had for a down payment and went car shopping. After test driving an Altima and a Cube, I chose this car.

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Kerstin Shed said...

Congratulations on getting a new car! White is a smart color to pick. It’s a very safe color, and very neutral as well, and it doesn’t show off dust like dark colored cars do. My car is currently an off-white color. I always choose that when I go buying a car as it’s my favorite color! :)