Monday, October 1, 2012


The Conference Center in Salt Lake City is a huge and amazing building. We were able to take a tour on our trip to SLC in September.
The view from the floor to the 2nd balcony, it was hard to get the whole shot. The conference center has 3 levels that each hold 7000 people (21000 total) with no poles anywhere to block the view.
Taken from the floor to the front, where they were putting the seats back in in preparation for General Conference.
The Conference Center is full of beautiful decorations and paintings.

There are portraits of the prophets and General Authorities, past and present, as well as a gallery of busts of the prophets.
We went up to the roof, but I didn't go through the gardens, instead I enjoyed the view.
I think President Hinkley was inspired when he designed this building, it is truly amazing. If you ever go to SLC, make a point to go on a tour.

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