Sunday, March 8, 2009

Nursery--The Best Calling in the Church

As most people who know me know I love children. They also know I love the Nursery. I have worked in the Nursery in 5 different Wards over a span of more years than I want to admit to. My 1st calling was in the Worcester Branch, just after my 12th birthday. In Worcester Branch any one over 12 was fair game for Primary callings. There was no lesson manual, it was babysitting at its finest.

Over the years the program has changed, to recognize our smallest Saints can learn about Heavenly Father and Jesus and their love for us. They love learning and our lessons are now very simple, geared to their attention spans.

A few years ago at a Stake Primary meeting in Salt Lake City, attended by a member of the General Primary Board we were reminded that these little children are most likely going to be the leaders that lead us into the Millennium.

In our Nursery group our day is very simple and very predictable. Small children need structure and to know that the same thing will happen in the same order every week. It is part of what builds trust for the Nursery leaders, and it gives the kids a way to tell the time til Mom & Dad come back.

For us we start with Puzzles, lesson, coloring, snack, singing, playtime, cleanup, bubbles and Ring Around the Rosie.

I feel bad for the people who don't get to serve in the Nursery. They are missing out on the very best calling in all of the Church.


hillari said...

You guys really are the best nursery teachers ever! I wish Isaac was still in your class. (Nothing against his new teachers--we just love you!)I'm going to insist Finley gets put in your class!

Anonymous said...

How cute! John wanted to watch it "again, again...". You guys do a wonderful job!

Krystal said...

Im glad you are Isaiahs teacher! Thank you for all you do!