Thursday, March 19, 2009

Recommended Shopping-- The Fruit Stand

If you live in the Tolleson Area you have probably seen it. It looks like a hole in the wall shack, BUT

inside are the best fruits and vegetables around. The owner goes every morning to pick his fruit and vegetables fresh.

We get strawberries there. They are the best Strawberries in the valley. They are a little more expensive than at the grocery store, but totally worth the extra money. The other fresh fruits and vegetables I have purchased there are also well worth the extra cost.

If you live in the area I highly recommend a stop at the nameless fruit stand on 75th Avenue & Van Buren.


Jenny said...

Those nameless places are usually the best! Man, I want some fresh berries now!


Where has this fruitstand gone? We stopped every other weekend and now its gone.

Mary Walker said...

I don't know where they went. I just saw today that they were gone. I will miss them, and the little old couple that ran it.