Thursday, April 2, 2009

Baby Blessing

Sunday, March 29th, we had the privilege of attending the blessing of Kal'el by his father Chris.
We met at their ward for Sacrament Meeting at 8:30 AM.

Kal'el with his Mommy & Daddy

Chanelle, Chad, Caralie, Deirdra, Chris, Kal'el, Cindy & Celisse

Back: Brianna, Lori, Max, Chanelle & Chad Middle: Elijah, Karen,Leanne, Deirdra, Cindy,Celisse, Kari Front: Caralie, Chris, Kal'el, Mary

After the blessing and many pictures we went to Cindy's house where Chanelle had prepared a yummy brunch. We had the opportunity to eat and chat for a while. Sadly I had to wait to hold the baby due to having a cough that might have been contagious. I will be looking forward to another opportunity to hold him at an upcoming family party.


Krystal said...

awww hopefully you wont have to wait too long to hold the precious baby!

Jenny said...

Cute baby! (How do you pronounce that name?)

Primarymary said...

Its Kal el 2 separate sounds it is the Krypton name of Superman.
In real like it means something like Voice of God.