Sunday, April 12, 2009


Saturday afternoon we had our annual Easter Dinner and Egg Hunt. It was, of course, still raining off and on. We gathered at Aunt Karen's for dinner. There was some time before dinner started waiting for everyone to arrive.

Lyndi showed off her new 1 year old mobility

Tyler decided to see how he would look in his Easter Basket Helmet

Grandpa Rich and Kal'el napped together.

When it was finally time to eat dinner was wonderful.

We had:

honey baked ham & cheesy Potatoes

Pink Salad , Fruit salad and baked beans

There were also veggies, rolls and pink lemonade. It was was a wonderful meal.

After we ate and between storms we hunted Easter Eggs

Randy & Steve trying to be tricky

a good hiding place

from the small (Carson)

to the tall (Darrin & Kari)

everyone had fun and found plenty of eggs.
FR: Trevor,Lyndi,Carson,Logan, Caralie, Jayden Row 2: Cara, Ryan,Kyle, Elijah, Amanda, Kaela,Darrin, Rebecca, Kal'el Row 3 Kari, Elaina, Brianna, Tyler Back: Erik, AJ
click here for more pictures of the party

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