Tuesday, April 28, 2009

CONTEST from Michele Ashman Bell

Artie Call can't get a break. Orphaned during the Depression, he steals food to survive. When mischief lands him in juvenile court, he's offered a home by fellow ward member David Boone, but then suffers under Boone's unkind and unyielding treatment. And after Artie helps the victim of a robbery gone bad, he's abandoned by Boone and is almost sentenced to juvenile hall.Then his luck and life suddenly change.Mary Wilkerson, the feisty widow who was robbed, sees potential in Artie and takes him into her custody. Ray McCandless, the wise yet firm chauffeur, teaches Artie about cars, life, and the connections between the two. Under their care, Artie develops the desire and the ability to leave his past behind and grasp the hope in his future, which shines like Mary's luxurious Duesenberg. But when cornered by old enemies, will he defend his honor with his life?
Michele Ashman Bell is running a contest this week on her Blog. She will be awarding 2 copies of the newest book by Jerry Borrowman.
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Michele Ashman Bell said...

Thanks for adding this to your blog. You deserve Jerry's book for that. Send me your address and I'll pop one in the mail to you!