Saturday, August 15, 2009


A few months ago I noticed a lump on my left index finger. Since I had been crocheting a lot in preparation for Christmas, I decided it was probably related. As time went on the lump got bigger, so finally I went to see my PCP. After an ultrasound, x-rays and an MRI (not the place for a claustrophobic person to be) the hand specialist sent me to an orthopedic oncologist.

He decided removing the lump surgically was the best option, so on Aug 4 I went in to Banner Good Samaritan and had it removed. I was lucky not to have to go under general antithetic, they did a Beir Block instead. That involved cutting off circulation to the arm and using a local antithetic to make sure there is no sensation. The only thing I felt is my arm started to hurt after circulation had been cut off for a while. I napped most of the time they were doing the surgery.

I spent 4 days wrapped up like this. I was out of work for 4 days, because among other things (like not being allowed to shower) its hard to do anything without my left index finger.

On Friday 8/7 I went to see the Dr. He removed the bondage hand gear, and gave me the OK to return to work on Monday 8/10.

As time passes I can do more with my finger, but it still doesn't bend much. I'm hoping when I get the stitches out on Wednesday 8/19 I will be able to start bending it more, in preparation to start crocheting again.

The result of the biopsy done on the lump was that it was a benign large cell tumor. YAY!!!


Jenny said...

That's wierd!
I'm glad everything went well...
I'm sure I would have thought the same thing (about crocheting) as you, and probably would not have gone to see the doctor.
Happy healing~

Krystal said...

wonderful it was benign!!

Josi said...

Phew, I'm glad it wasn't malignant. Hopefully you're all recovered now, it's an amazing difference between 9 fingers and 10, isn't it.