Saturday, August 15, 2009


This afternoon we had a get together with a few of the members of LDS Forever Friends who live in AZ.
It was a fun afternoon, with good company. In attendance were Janette Rallison and her husband Guy, Chris, Deidra, Kal'el, Lori, Marjean & I.
Of course I have some pictures and I borrowed a few from Marjean.
Back: Janette & Guy Rallison, Marjean, Chris, Kal'el, Lori
Front: Mary, Deirdra

Deirdra, Kal'el & Mary

Left: Marjean, Janette Rallison Right: Deirdra, Chris, Kal'el, Guy, Lori

Mary, with Kal'el,( he had enough of the fun and decided a nap was in order), Marjean, Janette

Lori & Janette Rallison (this picture is to prove to Brianna that her Mom did have lunch with Janette)

Chris & Deirdra
We will have another lunch soon, hopefully more of our Arizona friends will be able to attend.

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Jenny said...

Looks like a nice afternoon. I hope your finger is healing nicely...

Janette Rallison said...

Had lots of fun!

Josi said...

Great photos--and I even know a few of you :-) glad you had a good time.