Sunday, November 15, 2009


Today, a few of us were able to gather for Hunter's Baptism.

Jordyn was excited for her brother and drew a picture of his baptism, as well as writing the names of all of the people in attendance. I didn't take a picture of her drawing, but it was quite good.

Uncle Chris, Hunter & Uncle Ed
Hunter was baptized by his Uncle Ed and confirmed by his Uncle Chris. Uncle Ed & the Bishop stood in the circle.
All of the talks were after the Baptism and confirmation. The 1st one was by a member of the Primary Presidency, she read a poem and gave Hunter a pair of new clean white socks, to symbolize how after baptism you are clean, along with a copy of the poem.

The Bishop gave a talk  about baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost, it was very interesting.
I am very happy that Hunter made the choice to be baptized, I know he will be blessed for his good choice.
After the baptism we went to Papa Walker's for pizza and a big cookie celebration.


Sharibugs said...

So can anyone explain to me why the Boylan's weren't invited????

Congratulations Hunter...wish we could have been there.

Primarymary said...

Talk to Kathryn, she made the guest list, but don't be overly offended, no one from our family but Leanne, Dad & I were invited.