Sunday, November 1, 2009


Leanne and I went to our 1st Trunk or Treat at the church last night. We had plenty of spider web and spiders.

We had a black cauldrun full of candy, and bucket of non candy goodies.
There were some impressive trunks, people that are veterans of the Trunk or Treat world.

And of course cute costumes

and at times crowds

We had a good time, but we have a ton of candy left over, darn I guess we'll have to sacrifice and snack on it.


Jenny said...

I love trunk or treat!
I wish we still did it...
the weather is just too darn unpredictable here.
Happy snacking!!

hillari said...

I didn't realize it was your first one. They are pretty fun. Your trunk looked really good!

Krystal said...

woo hoo! i made it into your blog! well, the back of me and my kids :D haha you guys had a nice setup! i love trunk or treats, they are so much fun!