Sunday, December 13, 2009


                                From the back of the book:
Micah Connors promised his mother he would be good in their new town. But with Christmas only three days away, being escorted home by the sheriff does not bode well. Can the towering officer be trusted not to tell what happened? Perhaps the ramshackle stable that has appeared on Main Street will sidetrack him from spilling the day's events-or maybe his interest in Micah's widowed mother will do the trick. The last thing Dawn Connors needs is to hear her son is in trouble. She has enough to worry about with her husband gone and her daughter, Annie, ill. Even though Micah has told his sister the rustic structure in the middle of town is simply part of the town's holiday decorations, Annie is sure that unseen angels are building the crude stable-which means baby Jesus is coming, and he can make her better. Terrified that his little sister might die, Micah vows to find the baby Jesus for Annie, even if it is only a plastic doll. But as Micah gets nearer to his goal he finds angels are closer than he ever would have believed.
This is a wonderful Christmas story about love, service and faith in God. It is a quick read, I read it in one afternoon.
Micah wants to be good, he wants to take care of his mother and little sister who is sick. He wants to stay out of trouble as he promised his Mother he would, but trouble seems to follow him.
When he tells his sister about the Nativity that is slowly being put in the middle of town, she becomes convinced that the baby Jesus wil be able to make her well. It becomes Micah's goal to bring the Baby Jesus to Annie.
During his quest Micah learns that angels come in all shapes and sizes.
If you can only add one new Christmas Book to your collection this year I would recommend this be the one you add.
I will send a copy to one person, next week. Leave a comment here about an Angel in your life, by Dec 18. I will draw a name on the 19th and get your book out. Please include an email address so I can contact you if you win.
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Jenny said...

Such a positive and loving influence in my life! I love her. And I miss her.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary,
Love warm Christmas stories.
WE had only been in our Colorado house for 4 days, having moved from Utah, when I gave birth to Becky and Ben so we did not know anyone.

A few days later, I had to have an emergency D & C. I had it in the out patient dept because we did not have any insurance so I was only in the hospital for 4 hours.
When I came home, I got the children off to school and then laid down while the babies were sleeping.
My doorbell rang and two sweet sisters were there announcing they were my visiting teachers. When they heard my story, they said they would be back later when our
4 older children came home from school. They took mounds of laundry including all my cloth diapers from 3 babies (aaron also). They played with the children for several hours and prepared supper.
They were definitely angels sent by our Heavenly Father.
Have a great holiday season.

Becky said...

My friend Becky. She is an angel in my life. She is Ben's second mother...there to take care of him when I am sick or so that I can go to the temple with my husband, etc. She goes above and beyond every single day.

Ad3n_Mommy01 said...

I would say the angel in my life is my son Aden, I was going down a very bad path, and If I did not meet josh and have Aden I prob would be on the street or off of my family, being a druggie and just throwing my life in the gutter. I believe I was givin Aden from god to help me turn my life around, because once I found out I was pregnant I completly changed. I started to care about what happened to me and those around me. Aden gave me something to really look forward to and gave me a reason to change my life for the better. So he is my angel and will always be.