Thursday, December 31, 2009


On Dec 21st I headed home from work at the normal time. I got on the Freeway like I usually do only to find it really backed up. There had been several accidents up ahead, including 2 in the tunnel. I slowly made my way to the right with a plan of exiting on 7th Street. Just after I finally got to the exit lane I felt a jolt and heard the much dreaded sound of metal scraping on metal. I looked to the left to find that someone had decided he wanted to defy physics and occupy the same space I was already occupying.
It took 2 hours with the police going over what happened and having reports written. I said he changed lanes and hit me, he said I drifted into his lane.

I wasn't hurt, my car is drivable and my insurance company investigated and decided I was not at fault. Now I just have to get the repairs done.

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Jenny said...

(and phew)
Glad you're safe!